Calming ART

(8+ years)

Art is proven to be relaxing and meditative by nature. Mandalas, Zen doodle and Stippling Art are very helpful in relieving stress. It is also helpful in growing one's concentration power. And it can be explored by both kids and adults. 

Take the package and experience benefits for self!

What can be learned?

- Mandalas, Zen Doodle or Stippling Art

What materials will be required?

- Pencil, Erase, Paper and Pen

Explore ART

(6+ years)

Wanted to start drawing?

Don't know how to approach at first?

Start exploring the basics from the scratch with me. Learn basics by lines and shapes. Create animals, birds and other interesting objects using the basics. Also explore the basics of pencil sketching and study of light!.

What can be learned?

- Basics of line,shapes and creating objects

- Basics of shading

What materials will be required?

- Pencil, Eraser and Paper

Explore Colors

(6+ years)

Package is a must for those who like playing around or experimenting with colors.

We will be exploring from the basics of colors and color mixing using acrylic paints. 

What can be learned?

- Basics of color mixing and usage in paintings

What materials will be required?

- Paper (150gsm+), Pencil, Eraser, Paints (acrylic/poster/watercolors)

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