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Get ready to dip your fingers in colors and create a masterpiece with me! Experience painting on a big canvas (A3 size) which will surely lighten up your living room hall :)


Finger Painting is a very expressive way to create art. It gives you more freedom to express emotions, feelings and as a whole it is a very therapeutic process! You will create different impressions using a lot of colors and paint in your own style.

This 3 hour workshop is a perfect match for your relaxing weekend. Join me and rejuvenate your creativity while you master different techniques for Finger Painting. You will explore on what colors to use, how to easily blend them together, different impressions to create while painting with fingers and much more in this detailed workshop.

It’s a complete guided session for a sweet-small batch of 10 participants :)

Open for all starting from 12 years and above.



Kammanahalli, Bengaluru

*Fees include all the materials and refreshments*

Participant Age: 12 years & above

Materials: Each participant will be given a 12 by 16 inch stretched canvas. You will be provided acrylic paints, color palette, and all other materials required during the workshop.

We will learn to create the exact painting as shown above in picture!

I will be guiding you through the whole process while you will be creating beautiful art all on your own.

Don't worry, instructions will be considering beginners and non artist.

Come with all the enthusiasm and experience your creative juices flowing while you create a masterpiece!

DM or call  9979769335 For Bookings & Inquiries  

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